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Be it a restaurant or a cafe, a bar or a pub, the counter is often the first thing you notice when entering these rooms—a large area that often conveys the idea and design of the restaurant and is therefore a very important element in creating an image of a place to eat or drink.

The bar counter is at the heart of every restaurant, cafe or any other eating or drinking place! So, when decorating and designing the venue, it is important to think about the role of the bar counter: should it be a place just for drinks or does it have more roles to play? Obviously, the central counter could also be a place to perform other functions, from cash register systems to modern IT solutions for receiving and fulfilling orders. If you have an idea that seems so utopian that you doubt it could work, please contact us and you can be absolutely sure that together we will find the well-functioning solutions you have been dreaming of.



No eatery is just a bar counter. Every restaurant, bar or cafe also needs other furniture, be it hard or soft.

The work we have done has covered everything from tables, seating areas, sofas to decorative wall tiles, counters and sink countertops. Stylish and personal dining room? Cozy seating area with modern upholstered furniture? Bar stalls with a unique design? Let’s do it!


We have used different types of materials in the production of lecture hall chairs—mainly metal frames and birch plywood, finished with stains and varnish. The seat and backrest are upholstered and covered with a durable fabric—they can also be a different color if desired. Additionally it is possible to attach a desk to the back of the chair with a so-called “mailbox type” metal mechanism, the table part of which is made of laminated plywood.