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Kinnarps AB is a Swedish company founded in 1942 and is one of the largest providers of office solutions in Europe. They specialize in contemporary workplace design solutions with a modern creative and ergonomic approach to the field. Kinnarps offers furniture for all kinds of work areas—from open-plan offices, conference, study and meeting rooms to cafes, restaurants and hotels. As an additional output, a wide range is also recommended for more specific target groups, that value even greater ergonomics and a special approach, such as schools, kindergartens, health care institutions.

Kinnarps has an environmentally friendly way of thinking, making products that are designed to last and whose life can be extended by replacing parts, such as upholstery, table tops, etc.

Transport by Kinnarps does not use films or cardboard boxes but reusable blankets and specific environmentally-friendly packaging materials that are wrapped around the furniture and loaded into the car as puzzle pieces so that the goods reach the customer intact, ensuring an additional 50% more capacity. Kinnarps blue trucks use biodiesel, which has an environmental impact of 85%.

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Creating an efficient office today is no longer just an interior design project. Kinnarps has created a completely unique concept for offices, Next Office, which helps companies to create the best possible space solution and work environment.

How does the Next Office work? Customers must complete six steps of Kinnarps office space analysis and review: vision and inspiration, research, results and strategy, activity-based space solution, implementation and follow-up.

Our new office is a great example of how Kinnarps’ Next Office can be put to work for your benefit. We look forward to seeing you—
seeing is believing!


All Kinnarps chairs have a 5-year warranty!

The best-selling product in Estonia is the office chair 6784 N78:

✓ Seat height adjustment

✓ Seat depth adjustment

✓ The swing stiffness is adjustable according to the weight of the occupant

✓ The seat can be tilted forward

✓ Free Float mechanism – the seat and the backrest of the chair follow your movements independently of each other. Locks in any position.

✓ Backrest height adjustment

✓ Armrest is adjustable in width, depth and angle