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We have diverse experience in fulfilling very different orders related to public space. By emphasizing modern and innovative solutions in our work, we have focused on solving the wishes arising from the special needs of our customers – where standard products fail and are not able to fulfill their roles, we can design a perfectly suitable and unique special solution.

Public spaces, such as office buildings, have their own specific areas where special solutions are most frequently needed. Often, the rooms where the standard solution is not enough are two rooms with very different purposes – lobbies and recreation areas.


Another important area of public space is somewhat more private and often hidden from the regular visitors, because in addition to customer welfare, it is undeniably important for a company to think about its employees: how to motivate them and keep them productive throughout the working day.

Therefore, we are ready to work with you to find a solution for your premises, where creativity is the only limit. For instance, the multi-purpose surfaces that can be used for both – meetings and relaxation.

Office needs also include a kitchen and/or a dining area. We produce cabinets, worktops, chairs, tables as well as upholstered furniture: just the way your office needs it.


However, the special furniture used in the lobby does not have to be limited to the impressive counter. We can offer a unique and tailor-made solution for your space, which includes all different furniture items, including upholstered furniture that takes into account the specifics of the room and niches – consequently everything where custom-made furniture is needed.

Just like the lobbies, the secretary’s desk plays an important role in offices – it is one of the first things that catches your eye when entering. At the same time, it is worth considering a special solution in the reception area of the office, where in addition to the table, other furniture (tables, chairs and upholstered furniture) also has a significant place – it is a good opportunity to impress waiting customers and set the tone for the upcoming meeting.