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Saue State High School

The modern educational and sports building designed for 540 students and 45 teachers was built in Laagri, Saue municipality. The school was opened for teaching in the fall of 2022.

The authors of the building’s architectural solution are BOA architects Anto Savi, Jürgen Lepper, Margus Soonets and Maiu Uusmaa. The interior architects are Kerli Lepp and Riin Kärema, Kuup Disain OÜ. The school building was built by Eventus Ehitus OÜ.


  1. Location: Laagri, Saue parish
  2. Year of completion: August 2022
  3. Client: Riigi Kinnisvara
    Interior architecture: interior architects Kerli Lepp and Riin Kärema, Kuup Disain OÜ
  4. Project executor: Eventus Ehitus OÜ


The vision of the interior architects was to create a modern school environment where students feel so comfortable that they are not in a hurry to leave school. To connect the materials with the surroundings, i.e. with a living environment close to nature.

The desire was to create a unique visual language for the school and to be distinctive.

“With the interior design, we wanted to bring warmth and closeness to nature to the school building. This is also supported by the green living environment close to the city in Laagris.
The exterior of the house uses a lot of black and orange, which would be too intense in the interior design, that’s why we chose a green tone and solid wood.

Later, when we visited the school, we made sure that our idea of ​​creating recreation areas in the school premises for free time was well received by the students.”

Kerli Lepp, interior architect


In the vision of the interior architects, the furniture in the public areas did not have any sharp corners. Rounded corners permeate the entire interior design.

The technical solution of the wardrobe racks was developed according to the interior architect’s vision, where the rack was planned to continue from wall to wall without support.


A high-quality, durable and distinctive school environment that supports both studies and moments of rest.

The interior architects’ vision was realized in cooperation with Enima’s project manager and masters, looking for the best solutions.


  • Bent high pressure laminate
  • Lacquered black MDF board
  • Oak veneer
  • Metal
  • LED lighting


The school library shelves are bent laminate modules with no visible fasteners.
LED lighting is hidden inside the shelves.

The library counter is made of solid black MDF board.


Student lockers with a code lock are made of gray matte laminate and lacquered black MDF board.
Soft ottomans (interior architects call them amoebas) and ottomans with oak veneer and parquet are the most produced.

Storage lockers with a code lock line the atrium as a single array.

In the solution of the storage cabinets and drinking tap, laminate with bent wood imitation is used.


The width of the wardrobes – four meters – is due to the dimensions of the room and planned to continue from wall to wall without support.
The selection and installation of materials had to take into account the weight of the racks. LED lamps illuminate the slats.


Built-in cabinets were made as a special solution for the blackboard wall in the classroom, which leaves the end wall of the room visually clean.


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