Kaasaegsed ja paindlikud mööblilahendused – Enima Trade


It is an open office created by Enima according to the Next Office program, where cooperation partners and both former and future customers are welcome to get acquainted with the finished products of Enima, AGM Sisustus, Herman Miller and Kinnarps.

The Showroom is a great place for a furniture-buying customer who can:

✓ come either alone or with an interior architect/designer to get acquainted with how to implement their plans;

✓ confirm the vision of whether the selected products offer the emotion that he/she previously imagined or get a new inspiration in the form of better alternatives;

✓ make sure that the products are sufficiently worker- and environment-friendly and ergonomic;

✓ ask for advice on different materials;

✓ purchase other necessary furniture items;

✓ invite colleagues and specialists to the adjacent conference room to counsel together and find the best products to furnish the room;

✓ enjoy the experience that leaving the showroom comes with the best solutions and ideas.


The conference room with modern equipment allows you to organize meetings, seminars, trainings, product presentations, video conferences and other events.

In the case of interior design projects, all related parties can meet in the conference room:

✓ to make plans with the builder, architect, interior designer, custom furniture project manager on site or via video bridge;

✓ a larger number of decision-makers can be convened;

✓ to bring selected samples from the showroom and, if desired, replace them several times until a suitable solution is found;

✓ to display interior design plans on the screen;

✓ to leave the room with better and more functional solutions;

✓ to come back and hold the next stage meeting;

✓ possibility to rent a room for other conference hosts.