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AGM Sisustus started in 1994 as an importer of Italian office chairs. The product range includes chairs and furniture for offices, cafes and public spaces, offering a wide range of in-house and imported products.

In addition to the goal of providing customers with the best value for money, fast service, convenient and easy shopping, special attention has been paid to quality and the creation of a healthy workplace, as well as after-care in case of problems—we offer an immediate response with the possibility of replacement products.

The quality management system of AGM Sisustus meets the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard and acoustic screens have been awarded a class C certificate.

Possible interior solutions for the entire office, cafe, school, hall, home and any room are offered by the designer together with various material solutions. Transport and assembly services are provided all over Estonia.

AGM Sisustus is the only company in Estonia that manufactures its own office chairs. Products include executive, work and customer chairs. The production is very flexible and efficient, the chairs are manufactured and assembled according to the customer’s wishes.

The product warranty is 3 years!

The customers of AGM Sisustus are companies that prefer a high-quality personal product—all in just 2-3 weeks with a fairly short delivery time and reasonable prices.


Long days behind the desk require good working conditions to withstand the load on the human body. In addition to the ergonomic office chairs that support the back well, there is a growing demand for height-adjustable desks. Ideally, one third of the day could be spent standing behind the desk, one third sitting and the rest of the day in a semi-upright position. It puts a strain on various muscles and keeps the physique in order. Height-adjustable tables can be ordered in different sizes as needed, with different decor—solid color or wood pattern and with three colors for table legs: black, white and gray. The table legs are twin-engine, 4-memory, durable with a warranty of 5 years.




Lae alla parimaid kontorite sisekujundusprojekte teinud sisearhitektide nimekiri, kellega meie koos töötame ja keda julgeme soovitada.