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After finding out the customer’s wishes and figuring out all of the nuances, we start production with a preliminary survey. That is, before starting work, we always visit the site (if possible) and perform all the necessary measurements in detail to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final result. Thanks to laser scanning, it is possible to start the project already at this stage with accurate execution and error prevention.

All products are drawn by our own designer and, thanks to the production 3D software that is connected to the production equipment, the work is completed quickly and without errors. Since a significant part of the process time is spent on design and while we utilize a 3D approach, this avoids contingencies in production and prevents possible errors. This is the basis of our efficient production process.

In order to guarantee the conformity of the final result to the customer’s wishes and to prevent possible later problems, we send all exact production drawings to the customer for approval before the project starts. Then we either make changes based on the customer’s wishes or we can already go ahead with the project. We always start the actual production only after the customer has looked through and approved the production drawings.

At the end of the production process, the products are packed and ready for installation. We will also arrange their transport and assembly at the customer’s location.


Due to our large production capacity, we also subcontract work. At the same time, we can offer our free resources to a wide variety of companies—to larger enterprises that simply lack capacity but, thanks to our modern equipment and available resources, we can also provide services to smaller companies that may not have all the necessary equipment.

We can help with outsourcing, among other things, with the following services:

✓ dissection;

✓ drilling of details;

✓ milling;

✓ pressing of details.

This is not a definitive list of services. So, if you need even temporary additional capacity or if there isn’t a specific machine in your equipment, contact us and we can help you out!








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