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Herman Miller asked the Texas A&M Center for Ergonomics, where the effect of a comfortable chair on cognitive performance was studied. When we think of ergonomics, we usually mean the physical aspects – how the chair “talks” to the person sitting in it. However, the focus of our experiment was on ergonomics, assessing memory, attention and cognitive flexibility (the brain’s ability to move easily between ideas or tasks) – essentially how well a person could think in one chair compared to another.

The research showed that most of the occupants of the Cosm chair were relaxed during their individual work, experiencing less stress. People made decisions faster and without losing accuracy, and over time, the efficiency of the nervous system of the people sitting in the Cosm chair increased.

All this has a significant impact on work, promoting the ability to concentrate even in the midst of the inevitable unpleasant office problems in today’s fast-paced world of work. According to the researchers, Cosmi’s workers performed better (i.e. faster, more efficiently and more accurately) tasks that required creativity than the other two chairs used in the experiment.

Ultimately, Cosm was the only chair that reduced the cognitive load, giving people greater mental capacity to work and move creative ideas. The chair is perfect for those who want to perform all their tasks stress-free and for organizations that undoubtedly want the same. The beauty of Cosm lies in the fact that it allows people to focus on their work, not on chairs.


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